Oslo atferdsvitenskapelige konferanse

Skrevet av Marco Tagliabue, phd-stipendiat


The department of Behavioral Sciences at HiOA is about to host its second yearly conference, on the 23rd and 24th of November.

Following last year’s successful initiative towards establishing a meeting point for academicians, practitioners, students and any professional interested in understanding and modifying behavior, this year’s conference features a rich program encompassed on the empirical methodology of “What Works?”.

An increasing number of governments and organizations worldwide are investing financial and research resources on a grounded behavioral approach towards tackling large-scale problems, especially in health, education and public service delivery domains. OAK 2017, which stands for Oslo Atferdsvitenskapelige årsKonferanse, represents a local opportunity in the city of Oslo to contribute towards this “behavioral revolution”, as it has been referred to during last year’s event, and create a hub for the acquisition and sharing of knowledge across experts and disciplines. The conference will be hosted at the University College of Oslo and Akershus in Pilestredet and, through its rich and International program of invited presenters, it aims at endorsing a behavioral approach in our service delivery practices and strengthening the community in Oslo and Norway altogether.

Invited keynote speakers include Prof. Anthony Biglan, from the Oregon Research Institute, author of popular “The Nurture Effect”, who will be addressing the community and large-scale behavioral issues, from an innovative framework that builds on evolutionary science; Paul Chaffey, state secretary to the Minister of local government and modernization and James Drummond from the OECD in Paris, which recently released a publication collecting behavioral insights from all over the World. Willy-Tore Mørch, from the University of Tromsø, will be talking about his research contributions towards the psychological wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Furthermore, Thorgeir Hernes, from NAV, will share his organization efforts towards knowledge-based policy planning; Gerd Kvale, from the University of Bergen, will talk about the method she developed for coping effectively and fast with anxiety disorder; and Prof. Sverre Pettersen, from the Faculty of Health Sciences at HiOA will share his experience in health and nutrition literacy. The full program comprises also a rich panel and many interactive sessions.

I look forward to attending this conference for the second consecutive year, and I hope I will meet you there, to learn from and keep feeding the “behavioral revolution”!

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